BigBang Game, referred to as BBGC, is operated and managed by the BBGC Foundation, which is based in Singapore and has a strategic partnership with the Singapore Racing & Equestrian Community FULIFE Stable. BBGC aims to break through the barriers between games, optimize the game asset trading process, support new game development, provide a better experience for gamers, and provide a better environment for game publishers. BBGC will use asymmetric cryptography to secure user assets and data security, which will greatly improve security. BBGC will use API interface and module functions to help game publishers reduce the difficulty of opening the game. At the same time, with the ecological design of BBGC, BBGC will finally realize the perfect combination of blockchain technology and game industry, and promote the decentralization of the game industry.

Industry Analysis

1.The major games are in the closed system with no connections

2.The security of user’s account information has hidden dangers

3.The lack of channels for suggestion feedback makes it difficult for players to realize their ideas

4.The high risk of stopping the game server by the operator makes it difficult to protect rights and interests of game players

5.Hard to get users

Technical Solutions

Break the central barrier and achieve game connectivity

The BBGC platform integrates games, creates new consensus, and adapts the consensus to the economic system of major games, allowing virtual assets to flow freely and building a new circulation system

IPFS technology distributed storage, user accounts never go bankrupt

The IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) technology distributes the player's personal files and game data in a distributed manner. All large files are split into small chunks that can be synchronized from multiple servers during download and upload. The storage of files is not stored in a centralized manner, but distributed in a distributed manner to prevent hackers from intentionally stealing and tampering with data.

Asymmetric encryption

The BBGC platform implements the RSA public key encryption system through KeyGen (key generation algorithm), Encrypt (encryption algorithm) and Decrypt (decryption algorithm). Encrypted storage of user information is realized, so that user information is not maliciously leaked, which reduces user risk

New consensus POT-B

BBGC has carried out certain transformation and upgrading of POT and obtained the exclusive consensus mechanism POT-B. The light node client of the BBGC platform uses RSA asymmetric algorithm to encrypt between nodes and nodes to ensure that the data is safe and not tamperable during the delivery process. The completion of the construction of POT-B will enable the realization of the mining function on the decentralized line.

Cross-platform API open port

The API project interface created by BBGC will provide a convenient modular program for game developers to enter IFC, improve developer efficiency, make the program more maintainable, and make game information cross-platform transmission possible.


  • 2018-06    The establishment of BBGC founding team
  • 2018-07    Publish the white paper and complete the core architecture design
  • 2018-08    Preparation of the BBGC funds
  • 2018-09    Initiation of private fundraising
  • 2018-10    The launch of BBGC APP1. 0 Version
  • 2018-11    Complete the chain formation of the core blocks in the platform
  • 2018-12    The launch of the first BBGC exclusive game product
  • 2019-03    Start the product production and operation of BBGC exclusive game
  • 2019-06    30 landing projects of ecological members
  • 2019-09    60 landing projects of ecological members
  • 2019-12    Complete 20 game collections in the BBGC platform


Since 2015, he begin invest bitcoin, and his thinking keep abreast of the times, is the early investors of Block Chain and True follower of Block Chain Technology, besides making the ecology of Block Chain field, major in the long-term develop market of each Internet and Block Chain, focus on combine all the advantage factors to new development Ecological Chain.Since 2006, in charge of Marketing Business Strategy for ten years running had abundant working experience in insight analysis and sales of market. Had been awarded by many International competitions such as ACCD, and participated build LIA community and expand the influence.

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Professor Leach holds an Undergraduate Degree in History of China and Computer Science from Concordia University (1995), an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Management from the University of British Columbia (2000), and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Liverpool (2016). In 2017, Professor Leach was invited to lead the business strategy of SingularityNET, which included its ICO planning. The SingularityNET ICO raised USD36M in just over a minute.

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A Serial Entrepreneur in AI and Blockchain. He believes we are in "Blockchain Age" and Blockchain brings trust to the Internet. Blockchain is "TRUST" and TRUST is the Greatest "VALUE" in Mankind. With Snapper and his Blockchain ventures, they are disrupting "Status Quo" of the "Internet" with "Blockchain”. He is the Co-founder Snapper Blockchain Tech and Innovations, “India’s largest Blockchain Company”- www.snapper.tech, the Co-Founder of Venture Partner Plutus VC, a Blockchain focused VC firm based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Shanghai and the Co-Founder Snapperbuzz www.snapperbuzz.com, India’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency media company.

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Doctor David Cheang is a successful entrepreneur with a strong background and proven track record in the sales/real estate industry for 17 years. Some of David’s recent notable awards include the SME One Asia Award (2014), JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World Award (2015) and the Teochew Entrepreneur Award (2016). His passion for entrepreneurship development has led him to be appointed the Entrepreneur-in-Residence in Temasek Polytechnic where he shares knowledge, advice and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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